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Local Plan Review consultation

By Rebecca Turner Great Ness and Little Ness Parish Council

Friday, 21 December 2018


Great Ness and Little Ness Parish Council Contributor


IMPORTANT CONSULTATION ON FUTURE DEVELOPMENT - FULL DOCUMENTS AVAILABLE HERE - Refer to the Shrewsbury Place Plan Area document and use the consultation form to respond - responses to Shropshire Council by 31st January 2019

Shropshire Council are currently consulting on the Local Plan Review (the development strategy to 2036). The plan wil become operational once adopted in circa 2021. Once adopted, Nesscliffe will continue to be a community hub and as such have open market housing. However, in recognition of the amount of development to date, it is proposed that this is limited to 14 additional houses and there will be a development boundary to strictly limit where development can be sited. No sites will be allocated so the houses will therefore be on windfall sites. As part of assessing future development potential in the county, Shropshire Council asked developers/landowners to put forward potential sites. A number of sites were put forward and can be seen on the map. None of these sites are proposed to be allocated but some have been identified as having longer term development potential (the sites shown in lime green). Whilst overall the parish council feels the proposals for Nesscliffe are reasonable, we are particularly concerned about the sites around the foot of Nessciffe Hill having been identified as having long term development potential and will be making comments about this. If you wish to read the full assessment of sites, you can view it here at Appendix B and on the residential conclusion map.

The community clusters of Great Ness, Little Ness, Kinton, Wilcott and Hopton will revert to being Open Countryside and this will mean no further open market housing development in those areas, once the revised Local Plan is adopted (2021 onwards).

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