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Great Ness and Little Ness Parish Council


VACANCY GREAT NESS COUNCILLOR AS OF 6TH JAN 2020 - Please see notice below


Councillor Details

The council is made up of nine Parish Councillors - seven from Great Ness Parish and two from Little Ness.  

Register of Interest: Our Councillors' Register of Interests

Mike Arthur - Chairman (Little Ness Councillor) and Helicopter Noise Liaison Group Rep

Tel: 01939 261174

Email: mjpaltd@gmail.com

 Committee/Outside Body Representation: Little Ness Village Hall

Phil Brooks - Vice Chairman (Great Ness Councillor)

Tel: 01743 741533

Email: phil.brooks222@btinternet.com

Committee/Outside Body Representation: LJC

Linda Bates (Great Ness Councillor)

Tel: 07771 938061

Email: farringfordhouse@gmail.com

Committee/Outside Body Representation: Great Ness Charities

Jim Diggory (Great Ness Councillor)

Tel: 01743 741477

Email: jcdiggory02@gmail.com

Committee/Outside Body Representation: None

Eleanor Gilbert (Great Ness Councillor)

Tel: 01743 741456

Committee/Outside Body Representation: Nesscliffe Youth Club

Alison Mullis (Great Ness Councillor)

Tel: 01743 741235

Email: alisonmullis1@outlook.com

Committee/Outside Body Representation: Great Ness Charities, Nesscliffe Youth Club

David Nunn (Little Ness Councillor)

Mobile: 07831317730 Tel: 01939 261374

Email: david.nunn6@btinternet.com

Committee/Outside Body Representation: Helicopter Noise Liaison Group

Richard Turner (Great Ness Councillor)

Tel: 01743 741611

Email: councillorturner@gmail.com

Committee/Outside Body Representation: None

VacancyGreat Ness Councillor

Ed Potter - Shropshire Councillor

Email: Edward.potter@shropshire.gov.uk

Rebecca Turner - Parish Clerk

Tel: 01743 741611